August 12th

My name in Bradley Hoselton and I throw at Purdue University. I learned about the Finnflier™ from Tim Glover who recommended them highly. He briefly explained how it works and we went right into throwing them. I was hesitant when I first picked it up, but went ahead and threw it anyways. Right away I was impressed with the Finnflier™. It felt just like an 800g javelin and extremely easy on my elbow. Tim had the Cord grip version which made them that much better in feel. After a great practice session and only good things from Tim I ordered 2 as soon as I got home.

May 2nd

This just in: “Just wanted to let you know that the practice javelins you sold at the track coaches convention have been great.  Our throwers are rewriting our school records this year in the javelin. Throw coach wants to buy several more next year.”
Al Waltner, Kentridge H.S.

May 1st

More good news from Jim Fuqua:
“Had a HS boy I’ve been working with over at the house. He posted a PR at sectionals of 147 ft. He is a senior and only started throwing this year. He has a bad habit of throwing too high. Tried a lot of stuff on him but he still was very high. Good flight and throws through the tip just too much body bend. So . . .I pull out the Finnflier™. We start throwing it back and forth to each other. He really started to get the elevation right after about ten throws and started to launch it. When he got to 190 ft with the Finnjav I put him back on his regular jav and his first throw was 167 ft. I love this thing.”  Jim

April 28th

“I love this Finnflier™. This thing throws really sweet. It was a little too windy today but this thing will fly. Best throw was 170 ft and when you miss it the result is immediate. Talk about easy on the arm. The construction is great. Better than I was expecting. I can’t wait to show this thing off.”
Jim Fuqua, Masters Thrower, Coach of Alabama High School State Champions and Youth Throwers

March 31st

Duncan Atwood has helped me tremendously over the past few months. I originally got into contact with him trying to find another opinion on my technique and found out so much more. He was able to pin point flaws in my throw and compare my video with some of the best in the world. These comparisons made sense and Duncan was able to simply break down how to fix the problems. With his knowledge and the great comparisons I was able to set a personal best of over 4 meters on my very first throw of the season with even bigger throws to come! I cannot wait to continue working with Duncan and making great strides towards my goals and dreams!
McLean Lipschutz, Monmouth University, New Jersey

March 25th
 “I wanted to let you know we had our first meet of the season last Saturday and I PRed by about 5.25 meters! Still had a lot of room between where I finished the throw and the line so there’s a lot to work on there, but most of the success has to be credited to the Finnflier™ and how it’s helped with my flight. Several coaches at the meet commented on how my flight was fantastic!”
Sean Locker, College Javelin Thrower, New York

March 9th
The Finnfliers™ work great and our coaches and kids really like them . . .We will be ordering more next year.
Loren Childers, Glacier Peak High School, Snohomish, WA

February 25th, 2014
LSU coach Derek Yush reports that “they are using the Finnflier™ for a post Tommy John surgery athlete. She is loving it and making great progress.

February 2014

Tapio Korjus introduces the Finland's flight training javelin.

Watch a video that was made in February 2014 to introduce Finland’s flight training javelin to the US. The product’s name was changed from Finnjav to Finnflier™ in December, 2014.



January 15, 2014

Kimmo 1

Watch a video of Kimmo Kinnunen talking about the Finnflier™. Again, Kimmo refers to the Finnjav as this video was made prior to the name change to Finnflier™ in December, 2014.

December 2013
Kara says, “The Finnflier™ helps me see when my flights are right on and it doesn’t hurt my arm. It’s great for young javelin throwers to learn good javelin flights.
Kara Patterson, American Record Holder and 2X Olympian

Tom says, “It has the feel of a real javelin and teaches correct flight. I want our throwers to use it.” Tom Pukstys – 2012 Olympic Throws Coach

November, 2014

Tell us about your experience training with the Finnjav.

Watch the video of Duncan’s interview with NAIA Champion, Luke Fischer, to hear how training with the Finnflier™ prepared Luke for a difficult head wind condition at the NAIA nationals in 2013.

October 24th, 2013
Barry just threw the Finnflier™ over 80 meters at a recent javelin camp. Here’s what he had to say: “It didn’t feel different from a regular javelin. When I threw it, it jumped out of my hand like a laser. I like it because you can get more throws in and focus on the technique.”
Barry Krammes (78m Javelin PR)

About Our Track and Field Videos

I have used two of the videos on this website extensively with my javelin throwers; Understanding and Coaching the Javelin and the Javelin Throws DVD. They are always being borrowed by my throwers. Coach Atwood and the group at Pocketvideos.com have been a tremendous tool in the breakdown of the technical aspects of the throws. Without the insights gained through this site I would not have had the success I had at both Pacific Lutheran and Husson Universities.
Chris Wood
Director of Cross Country and TrackHusson UniversityBangor, ME

Duncan Atwood’s Pocket Videos™ are a simple, effective and affordable coaching tool. I have a bunch of these and would consider them a ‘must have’ for anyone coaching the throws.
Dean Crouser