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Duncan using video to teach javelin technique.

Duncan using video with nationally ranked heptathletes.

“I wish I had this when I was training!” says Pocket Videos™ founder Duncan Atwood. He’s talking about the Ubersense app for his iPad mini and his own Coach Clips™. With perfect slow motion and stop action, combined with a large viewing screen and an app that allows for comparisons in under a minute, it’s a far cry from the poor quality video of long ago. “It was a big deal to even get slow motion out in the field”, said the former javelin thrower.

This is one of our soccer clips.

Coach With Your Phone!                                    Now that the technology is here, Pocket Videos™ completes the picture by supplying Coach Clips™ to allow athletes to see good technique in action and check out how they compare in moments. Our auto review format allows basic video analysis just by pushing the play button. Because they’re downloaded, not streaming, clips, it’s possible to stop and start the clip as needed without delay.


Low-tech, High-value Flipbooks


We’ve always seen the value of a picture being worth a thousand words when it comes to sport instruction. Our flipbooks make it possible to hold a demonstration in your hand. This meant the learning could happen immediately, as the questions came up as the practice was happening. They are made to give motion, stop action, and in some cases provide instruction. Plus they can survive the rough treatment of the practice environment.


Comparison picComparisons are a valued service provided by biomechanists at top training camps for Olympians, but now this powerful learning tool can serve thousands of athletes using the new coaching apps and our Coach Clips™.

Comparisons rule! They get past the difficulties of describing the action, they show rhythm and timing, they show positions (Comparison pic) and angles. Really anything the athlete needs to see. One day, certain points will be obvious, another day, other important features will stand out. And if they’re available on the phone, they can be watched whenever the ideas come to mind.