An Overview of Pocket Videos™, LLC

At Pocket Videos™, LLC we’re into the idea of using video and images to learn sport skills. From our ultra-efficient Sequence Sheets to our latest Coach Clips™ for the phone or tablet, we’ve made products to help coaches and athletes in many different settings. We try to follow the idea that the images need to be clear, filmed from the correct angle, and suitable to learn from, not a freak performance.

While Pocket Videos™,  began as an image company, Duncan has always maintained his presence in the javelin coaching world. He has over thirty years experience coaching the javelin, and using video and images has always been a big part of how he coaches.

Recently, he discovered two things that have helped his javelin coaching immensely. The first, is using the new coach apps like Ubersense, Coach’s Eye or the Video Physics app to make comparisons to show differences and similarities between model throwers and the throwers he coaches.

Secondly, he had such great success coaching his throwers last year, using Finland’s training javelin, that he established a partnership with the Finns to be able to import and sell this javelin in the United States. We are calling it the Finnflier™, and refer to it as Finland’s flight training javelin. Learn more about the Finnflier™.

About Our Products

Sequence Sheets

Sequence sheet for coaching track and field.

Simple but effective, sequence sheets have been used for years to get athletes thinking about technique. Our High School Track and Field series has been put to an exciting new use!

Our Sequence sheets are a great value to let the athlete see how it’s done. As a great introduction to learning about technique using images, these simple printouts have none of the hassles associated with video playback because they’re instantly accessible at a glance.

If you look quickly from left to right, the image even appears to move. It’s also easy to compare any frame with another instantly, and they’re large enough that several athletes and a coach can view them together.



A Word About the Books….

The quality of the images in a Pocket flipbook or sequence sheet depends on the quality of the original images. Even with expert re-touching, videotaped images from actual competitions are generally of lower quality than digital images that are captured in a studio — where lighting, background, subject framing, and re-takes can be controlled. Nevertheless, we feel that the value of being able to view and analyze a National- or International-class performance far outweighs any imperfections in the images themselves, and we are proud to offer our products as exceptionally useful tools for students of these events.

Our flipbooks have many of these concepts packed into them. Here’s a list:

  1. Instant access to the images.
  2. Excellent motion control – full speed, slow and stop.
  3. Durable. We’ve seen 5 year old books worn smooth but working fine.
  4. Suitable models. High School athletes can see excellent performances of athletes their own ages.

Coach Clips™

This is one of our soccer clips.

This is one of our soccer clips.

Our new Coach Clips™ series takes advantage of the breakthroughs in mobile device technology that allow plenty of storage with clear, controllable playback. It’s so convenient to see it all in the palm of your hand. And teamed up with the new coaching apps, our Coach Clips™ allow not only showing how it’s done, but the gold standard of sport video analysis, comparisons.


Comparison pic

Comparisons can provide an immediate, new understanding. Confusing terminology gets forgotten, while details and big picture aspects of the action can jump out of the screen like never before. The biggest differences are often easy to see in a comparison and this helps guide the athlete and coach to focus their energies on the top priority.


Great drills for high school and collegiate athletes.

Field Event Drills

Our DVDs are packed with more information than will fit on a phone for extended study. If you want to go in depth there’s plenty to look at.

Custom Flipbooks

A custom flipbook is a great keepsake of that memorable sport performance.  These books are perfect gifts for the athlete and their supportive friends and family. Submit your video clip to us and we will turn it into a flipbook for you. Here’s a sample custom flipbook of a cute kid doing a standing long jump. The customer chose black and white but we can do color also.

The clip needs to be no longer than 3 seconds of action and the athlete should fill at least half the frame. Low resolution or bad lighting clips can’t be used.

Upon receiving your clip we will send you a sample book image for your approval. Once we get your approval, in 10 business days, you’ll receive 8 books for your $70.00. Additional books of your custom title are available in batches of 8 for  $30. Priority shipping is included. Please use our contact form for your questions.

Subsequent Custom Flipbook Orders

If you have previously placed an order for custom flipbooks, and we still have your video footage, you are able to re-order books at this reduced rate. This rate is only available to customers who have placed orders previously with us. 8 books for $30. Shipping is $5.00.

Additional Copies of Your Custom Flipbook

Additional copies of custom flipbooks must be purchased on the same order as the custom flipbook purchase. 8 books for $30.00 Shipping is included when combined with initial custom order.