The Finnflier™ is a flight training javelin.

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Finnjav for training flights.

Duncan Atwood with the Finnflier® training javelin.

Finnflier® – Standard Grip: 450g

This javelin comes standard with a plastic grip that is easy to dry off in wet conditions, but doesn’t have the exact feel of a regular javelin grip. It’s really a matter of personal preference; we have customers who have thrown over 80m with this grip. This javelin meets the USATF specifications for the “Aerojav.”

Price: $79.99

Finnflier® – Cord Grip: 450g

This javelin comes with a cord grip that feels more like a standard javelin grip, but that will soak up water just like the grip on a standard javelin. It’s really a matter of personal preference. This javelin meets the USATF specifications for the “Aerojav.”

Price: $99.99

Finnflier® is the flight training javelin from Finland.



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More Information About the Finnflier®

Designed by Finnish Olympic Javelin Champion Tapio Korjus, this safe javelin is light (450 grams), flexible and easy on the elbow and shoulder.

Watch a video comparing the flight of the Finnflier™ to the flight of an 800 gram javelin.

Throwers who need to train for good javelin flights love the Finnflier’s revealing flight characteristics – the differences between good and bad flights is obvious, and the thrill of “catching” a nice flight is encouraging and fun. Durable, and with just the right dimensions and balance, the Finnflier® has a “feel” that transfers to the men’s and women’s javelins seamlessly.

Getting enough throws in training to really master the javelin flight can be a problem with regular weight javelins. But by first throwing the Finnflier® to find the best flight line without straining the arm, then switching to the regulation weight javelin, the thrower can get a sense that good flights are within reach.

Do not throw the Finnflier® into a curtain; the tail might break. No javelin should be thrown into a curtain!