NEW… Discus Drills (Coach Clips™)

Discus Drills Coach Clips™ by Pocket Videos™llc.

There are 13 drills in this package. Classic South African, Wheel, and many others. Nearly all feature split screen, 2 view filming of a top 10 USA thrower demonstrating. Full throw featured as well.

Price: $4.99

  Field Event Drills (DVD)

      Field Event DrillsDVD 1 Disc

More than 100 drills total for Shot (rotation and glide), Discus, Long Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump    and Pole Vault. Fully chaptered for quick reference.  National-class performers in clear views from good angles. Slow motion included. Shot and Discus drills feature two-view split-screen clips.  This is video only, no audio.

Price: $20.00

Legends of the Shot and Discus (DVD)

Five historic minutes of never-before-seen footage of the 1976 AAU Discus final, and dramatic footage of the pioneer rotational shot-putter Brian Oldfield blasting huge training throws — plus other shot putters from the 1970’s.
Price: $10.00

Maui Discus (DVD)

Maui Discus Meet

Price: $20.00

About Flipbooks

Flipbooks are actually sequence photos presented in a way that best show critical points of technique and to give the illusion of motion. A flipbook’s best use is to give a quick answer to technique questions as they arise on the field, on the bus – or even in class. Athletes love these books because they have tactile control of the animation. Fast, slow and even backwards these books captivate the athlete’s focus drawing them into a deeper understanding.

A Word About the Books. . . .

The quality of the images in a Pocket flipbook or sequence sheet depends on the quality of the original images. Even with expert re-touching, videotaped images from actual competitions are generally of lower quality than digital images that are captured in a studio — where lighting, background, subject framing, and re-takes can be controlled. Nevertheless, we feel that the value of being able to view and analyze a National- or International-class performance far outweighs any imperfections in the images themselves, and we are proud to offer our products as exceptionally useful tools for students of these events.

HS Girls’ Discus – 152’2″/46.38m (Flipbook)

Girls' Discus Flipbook.

Price: $2.99

HS Boys’ Discus – 206’1″/62.82m (Flipbook)

Boys' Discus Flipbook by Pocket Videos, llc.

Price: $2.99

Women’s Discus – 237’2″/72.28m (Flipbook)

Women's discus flipbook shows 72.28m throw. 

Price: $2.99

Men’s Discus – 221’7″/67.54m (Flipbook)

Mac Wilkins throws the discus in this flipbook by Pocket Videos, llc.

Price: $2.99

Men’s Discus – 219’4″/66.86m (Flipbook)

Setliff in the men's discus flipbook throws 219'4".

Price: $2.99

Men’s Discus – 217’3″/66.22m (Flipbook)

Discus flipbook shows 66.22m throw.
Price: $2.99

Men’s Discus 3-view (Flipbook)

3-view discus flipbook. 
Price: $3.99


HS Girls’ Discus – 152’2″/46.38m (Sequence Sheet)

High School Girls' Discus Sequence Sheet

Price: $0.99

HS Boys’ Discus – 206’1″/62.82m (Sequence Sheet)

Boys' Discus Sequence Sheet.

Price: $0.99