NEW… High Jump Drills (Coach Clips™)

Coach clips™ for your phone or tablet.

Included in this package are 21 drills and exercises demonstrated by a 7’2” high jumper. Excellent rhythm in the bounding and hurdle hops show what good coordinated jumping looks like. Box jumps, runup, and a short run jump included.

Price: $4.99

Field Event Drills (DVD)

Field Event DrillsDVD 1 Disc

More than 100 drills total for Shot (rotation and glide), Discus, Long Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump and Pole Vault. Fully chaptered for quick reference.  National-class performers in clear views from good angles. Slow motion included. Shot and Discus drills feature two-view split-screen clips.  This is video only, no audio.

Price: $20.00

 About Flipbooks

Flipbooks are actually sequence photos presented in a way that best show critical points of technique and to give the illusion of motion. A flipbook’s best use is to give a quick answer to technique questions as they arise on the field, on the bus – or even in class. Athletes love these books because they have tactile control of the animation. Fast, slow and even backwards these books captivate the athlete’s focus drawing them into a deeper understanding.

A Word About the Books. . . .

The quality of the images in a Pocket flipbook or sequence sheet depends on the quality of the original images. Even with expert re-touching, videotaped images from actual competitions are generally of lower quality than digital images that are captured in a studio — where lighting, background, subject framing, and re-takes can be controlled. Nevertheless, we feel that the value of being able to view and analyze a National- or International-class performance far outweighs any imperfections in the images themselves, and we are proud to offer our products as exceptionally useful tools for students of these events.

HS Girls’ High Jump – 5’10″/1.78m (Flipbook)

Girls' High Jump flipbook.

Price: $2.99

 HS Boys’ High Jump – 7’0″/2.14m (Flipbook)

Boys' High Jump flipbook.

Price: $2.99

Women’s High Jump – 6’10.25″/2.09m (Flipbook)

Women's high jump flipbook.

Price: $2.99

Men’s High Jump – 7’11.5″/2.43m (Flipbook)

Men's high jump flipbook.

Price: $2.99

About Our Sequence Sheets

Simple but effective, sequence sheets have been used for years to get athletes thinking about technique. Our very popular, High School Track and Field Sequence Sheets, are now available as jpgs. No more shipping or waiting!

These simple printouts have none of the hassles associated with video playback because they’re instantly accessible at a glance. The products come to you, in your email, as a jpg file you can download and print. Give them to your athletes or post them on the wall.

HS Girls’ High Jump – 5’10″/1.78m (Sequence Sheet)

Girls' high jump

Price: $0.99

HS Boys’ High Jump – 7’0″/2.14m (Sequence Sheet)

Boys' high jump.

Price: $0.99