About Our Ball Moves (Flipbooks)

This collection of 14 books covers turning, direction change and fakes. Most have two views so all aspects of each move are easy to see. The learning system allows a player to sequentially progress through the different skill points. Ball handling skills, strength and acceleration are among the overall benefits from training these moves. Watch this sample Stepover Turn flipbook.

Bottom of the Foot Stutter (Flipbook)

Ball move

A side and 3/4 front view of this skill show the step up then stop and restart of the ball, followed by a quick sprint away. The speed change is easy to see, and the logos on the ball show when it stops and restarts. The player’s right foot protects and hides the ball from the defender.

Price: $2.99

Click to Cut (Flipbook)


Two views of a speed and direction change move. A light touch on the ball is critical to making this move work. It’s deceptive – it starts out looking like it could be one of several different moves.

Price: $2.99

Cruyff Turn (Flipbook)

Soccer skill: Cruyff Turn
A classic. This front and side view combination shows the big fake leading in to this move, and the ball is perfectly hidden from the viewer (defender) at the end of the direction change.

Price: $2.99

Double Scissors (Flipbook)

Double Scissors soccer skill

This flowing example of a fake within a fake requires good attention to subtle positions to set up each part of the move. Two views show how the player keeps the ball almost directly underneath himself as the move proceeds, preserving his options and keeping the defender uncertain about what comes next.

Price: $2.99

Double Stepover (Flipbook)

Ball move: stepover

Another graceful move where it looks like one thing but ends up being another. One view is enough to show complete details of the wide, low steps timed to work with the ball’s speed and direction. His balance and timing are excellent.

Price: $2.99

Drag and Roll (Flipbook)

Drag & Roll

Front and side views show the components of this move clearly as he fakes one way and goes another. Just the right touches on the ball keep it under him. He does a perfect drag on the ball which he converts to a powerful sprinting step.

Price: $2.99

Flying Maradona (Flipbook)

Soccer skill

Another classic. This spinning turn is shown in front and side views – they’re needed to show all the action! As he steps up and starts to spin, he passes the ball from his left foot to his right, which does a quick but controlled drag back. It’s exactly right as the ball stays very close during his landing for the next touch.

Price: $2.99

Outside Foot Chop (Flipbook)

Outside Foot Chop

The front and side views combine again to show this fast run, fake kick then sudden direction change. The player chops the ball perfectly – it actually spins in place – as he shows a great bounce and turn to start back.

Price: $2.99

Pullback Turn (Flipbook)

Pullback Turn

This beginner’s move is shown in two views and has great positions and actions. His light touch on the ball is just enough to keep it close as he gets low and smoothly bounces off of a strong foot plant to reverse direction. Excellent arm action!

Price: $2.99

Ronaldo Chop (Flipbook)

Ronaldo Chop ball move

This running fake left, go right move is shown in two views to show the brilliant use of the fake to set up for the direction change. The setups, foot landings, leans and touches are all explained. Inspiring!

Price: $2.99

Scissors (Flipbook)


Two views again for this favorite move. A fake and a direction change, then a touch and sprint away are clearly shown and discussed. The easy-to-see rhythm of this move really helps it to be effective. Easy to do, harder to do well.

Price: $2.99

Shoulder Feint (Flipbook)

Shoulder Feint

A front and side view show the positions for this simple and effective move, but the real feature is the speed change-up. Flip it again and again to get a sense of it before practicing. His careful positioning puts him in just the right spot for the final touch.

Price: $2.99

Sir Stanley Matthews (Flipbook)

Sir Stanley Matthews

The two views show the small hops, push and sudden sprint of this classic direction change move. The player shows a left-footed version that seems deceptive no matter how many times it gets flipped. The rhythm is well shown and the details are clear.

Price: $2.99

Stepover Turn (Flipbook)

Stepover Turn

A single view shows exactly how the player fakes, then changes direction. This simple, classic move is done well with medium speed, low positions and a strong direction change. The important preparation step during the direction change is clearly shown and explained.

Price: $2.99

Speed Training For Soccer

Speed Training – Warmup Drills (Flipbook)

speed training, warmup drills

These easy-to-do but effective moves get a player ready to go. Each drill helps with range of motion for the different actions of sprinting, along with balance, skills and an overall warm up. The Side Jumping Jack is full-bodied fun!

Price: $2.99

Speed Training – Beginning Drills (Flipbook)

sprint drills for speed development training

After the warm up, these beginning drills start to train the player in the movement strengths and skills needed for good sprinting. Simple to learn and effective.

Price: $2.99

Speed Training – Intermediate Drills (Flipbook)

Sprint training drills for speed development training

These drills raise the bar for sprint skills and strength. Balance, foot contact point, knee lift, and posture are all shown and trained. More rhythm and timing is needed for these drills – it’s part of being fast!

Price: $2.99

Speed Training – Advanced Drills (Flipbook)

Sprint drills for speed development training

Although more challenging to perform, like everything else, they respond to training and can become good benchmarks in speed training. If you can do them well, you’re ready! 

Price: $2.99

Goalkeeper Series (Flipbooks)


This package includes 9 books: High and Mid Waist Catches, Front and Collapse Dives, Drills, Goal Kick and Punt, Low Direct Catch and Rolling Ball, Power Dive, Horizontal and Angled Punches, Throwing, and Tipping. Young players can see all the big parts and small details needed to learn or sharpen skills are there, along with expert comments and analysis.

Price: $24.99