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Digital Products (Coach Clips™ and Sequence Sheets)

Glide Shot Drills (Coach Clips™)

Coach Clips™ by Pocket Videos™llc.

There are 21 drills in this package. Standards plus unusual drills. Nearly all filmed with 2 cameras to show all the action as clearly as possible. Same demonstrator as in discus and rotation, a top 10 USA thrower with a Glide shot best just under 60’.

Price: $4.99

Rotational Shot Drills (Coach Clips™)

Rotational Shot Put Drills.

There are 23 drills in this package. Standing throws, medicine ball throws, many progressions from simple to complex drills. Experienced demonstrator and 2 views show everything clearly.

Price: $4.99


About Our Sequence Sheets

Simple but effective, sequence sheets have been used for years to get athletes thinking about technique. Our very popular, High School Track and Field Sequence Sheets, are now available as jpgs. No more shipping or waiting!

These simple printouts have none of the hassles associated with video playback because they’re instantly accessible at a glance. The products come to you, in your email, as a jpg file you can download and print. Give them to your athletes or post them on the wall.

HS Girls’ Shot (Glide) – 47’8″/14.53m (Sequence Sheet)


Price: $0.99

HS Girls’ Shot (Rotation) – 46’2″/14.07m (Sequence Sheet)

Girls Shot Rotation Sequence SheetThumb

Price: $0.99

HS Boys’ Shot (Glide) 60’6″/18.44m (Sequence Sheet)

Boys' Shot Put glide technique.

Price: $0.99

HS Boys’ Shot (Rotation) 67’2″/20.47m (Sequence Sheet)

Boys' Shot Rotation technique

Price: $0.99